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Managing environmental systems

Managing environ- mental systems

Growing populations, rapid urbanisation and increased consumption put unprecedented pressure on land, water and air resources. We show how to manage these resources together to protect food security, human health and biodiversity.

Reducing climate risk

climate risk

Emissions of greenhouse gases are built into our economic systems. Our research shows the benefits of a low carbon future and describes how we get there through mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Transforming governance

Transforming governance

The social, institutional and political setting is vital for improving livelihoods, sustain-
ability and resilience. We provide insights into good governance for sustainable develop-
ment in the face of social and ecological change.

Rethinking development

Rethinking development

The global economy has brought welfare and prosperity to the world. But it has also depleted natural resources and vital ecosystem services. We set out alternatives for a sustainable future, from the planetary scale down to local, on-the-ground solutions.

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